Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Awesome Testimonial From a Client and Class Participant

Hello all and Happy Holidays!

I am posting a testimonial from a client and class participant. Although Jo Anne is the oldest member of our group and we have to do some "alterations" of her exercise lists she is an extremely hard worker and devoted individual. She recently had some good news that, with her permission, I wanted to pass along:

I am a 78 year old female who has had a heart nurmur all of my life. Annually, I undergo a physical, including a heart echocardiogram. This year, the cardiologist's report read as follows:

"Patient is here in follow-up for a history of mitral valve prolapse. We saw her in consultation in January 2008. She had an echocardiogram the previous December demonstrating mild prolapse with mild regurgitation. Since that time she has joined a health club in Grants Pass. She is exercising three times per week for 90 minutes. Initially she could hardly use the elliptical machine, but now she can go 30 minutes at a stretch. She feels well. She has no palpitations. She is not having chest pain. ... Overall her quality of life is good.

"Recommendations: Patient is well. Her mitral valve prolapse is a non-issue. The amount of regurgitation seen today is actually less than it was two years ago. She will continue to exercise and we will see her back in two years."


Jo Anne Mead

Wow!! Through consistent exercise and regular diet Jo Anne was able to alleviate and rectify a chronic heart condition. Amazing! Congratulations, Jo Anne


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