Friday, October 16, 2009

6-Week Challenge Final Results

We are at the end of the RBS 6-Week Challenge and we have final results. Again, I want to re-iterate how proud I am of the hardest working group of people in the gym. We had a total of 32 participants in the challenge (those folks that weighed in more than once) and, as a group, lost a total of 42% BODY FAT and a cumulative 84 POUNDS OF FAT!!! That is a remarkable accomplishment in only 6 weeks. We have proven that a combination of diet, exercise, determination, and goal-setting truly can create change.

Finally, in reverse order, here are the top 5 finishers in the challenge, with lost body fat % next to their names:

Fifth-Place: Deeann Fackrell 2.8%

Fourth-Place: Deanne Sharp 2.9%

Third-Place: Julie Robertson 3.2%

Second-Place: Janice Van Horne 3.8%

First-Place: Alison Pazourek 4.3%

Again, remarkable transformations for everyone both physically and mentally. All-in-all I'd label the 6-Week Challenge as a monumental success. Look for similar challenges (maybe an 8-week contest??) in the future.
Thank you and take care!


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