Monday, August 24, 2009

6-Week Challenge


A challenge put out by RBS classmates for RBS classmates

· Beginning September 7th, Rapid Body Sculpting members and classmates will be eligible to participate in a free and fun Fat-Loss challenge

· The contest will run from Monday, September 7th to October 12th and is based on the percentage of fat (using Infrared Scanning Technology) that the individual loses in the entire 6 weeks

· The winner will receive one free month of class (a $100 value) and a free, new RBS UnderArmour t-shirt ($21 value)…2nd place will receive the same free t-shirt

· Their will be weekly, yet-to-be-determined contests, too

· Beginning in the week of September 7th classmates will be tested for Body Composition and records will be kept by Adam…we will have weekly body-fat check-ups and at the end a final “weigh-in”…the winner of the contest will have lost the most amount of Body Fat, by percentage…2nd place will obviously be the 2nd most Body Fat lost

· Classmates are encouraged to offer each other support and Adam will put together, with the help of classmates, menus, shopping lists, workouts, and other fun ideas communicated via the RBS blog,

· This challenge is not sponsored by Club Northwest or any of its subsidiaries and no guarantees are made. This is supposed to be fun and challenging for RBS members ONLY!!

· Adam is taking sign-ups now until September 4th

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  1. Can not wait for the 6 week challenge, sounds like fun!