Monday, May 4, 2009


Today I am posting my 30-minute, at-home workout...I call this the "middle of the desert" workout because you don't need anything other than yourself. Going forward I will post workouts that you can do with bands, weights, stability balls and other "at-home" items but, for now, this will be a great start to get you off of that couch each and every day.

The important thing is that you get moving...a simple mantra is doing at least one thing, fitness-wise, every day. Whether it's walking your dogs, walking your spouse, walking your child, it doesn't matter. I can't stress the importance of activity for making a person feel better about themselves and their daily lives. There is a certain sense of accomplishment within fitness and exercise that provides the mind and body with increasing degrees of satisfaction and contentedness. In other words, doing something and accomplishing what you set out to do can do wonders for you!

I've put together this simple, easy-to-follow exercise list (with descriptions) that can immediately get you up-and-going. Whether you're at home, on vacation, in a hotel room, or in a vacant lot, you CAN do this! Have fun!


· 10:00 Cardio (walking, jogging, running) – get that heart rate up!

· 2 x 25 Squats (full squat as low as you’re comfortable)

· 2 x 15 Push-Ups (hands shoulder width, modified okay)

· 2 x 12 Alternating Lunges (big strides, alternating legs, make sure knee doesn’t go over the toe)

· 2 x 30 Touch-Toes (lay on back, legs up in air, reach up & down for your toes)

· 2 x 30 Seconds High-Knees (running in place, get knees up high)

· 2 x 30 Pulsing Planks (lay on your forearms and toes, pulse pelvis up & down)

· 2 x 15 (each side) Side Pulsing Planks (lay on side, legs straight, pulse up & down on elbow)

· 2 x 30 Seconds Butt-Kickers (running in place, big back-kicks while running)

· 2 x 15 Dips (can be done on couch, chair, any elevated surface…put your back to elevation, palms flat on surface, legs straight or bent, push up & down from position)

· 2 x 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks

· 2 x 10-10-10 Calf Raises (do 10 reps of calf raises with three different foot positions: straight, open, and closed/pigeon-toed)

· 2 x 30 Bridges (lay on back, bend knees, feet flat on ground…lift butt & hips up & down)

· 2 x 20 (each leg) Lateral Leg Lift (lay on side, legs straight, flex toe, lift leg up & down)

· 2 x 20 Supermans (lay on stomach, legs & arms straight…lift legs and arms @ same time back & forth)

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