Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to Rapid Body Sculpting

Welcome! This is my first endeavor unto the world of the internet and, with the help of Michele Mudrow, I am attempting to "spread the word" and help those in need regarding health, fitness, and exercise. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I've worked with a lot of different folks from all walks of life and the one thing I hear often is that "I can't do it" or the "exercise isn't for me". Well, I'm here to tell you that is wrong!

Health and fitness IS for everyone! Is there a better feeling than being healthy? Is there a better feeling than being with your friends or family on a walk, a hike, a bike ride, at the park or in the backyard, running around, playing, and having fun? Is there a better feeling than the sense of accomplishment you get when you walk a little farther, run a little faster, or play a little harder than you did before? Ultimately, there is no better feeling than setting a goal, whether it's in fitness or in life, and then achieving that goal.

I am here to help. Now, I don't profess to be a guru or a messiah...but I do profess to know a little bit about how the mind and body works, how exercise and fitness, when correctly undertaken, can lead to new worlds and feelings for the better. Simply ask Michele, one my friends and greatest success stories. Do we want to live in a world where computers and Wii video games and TV's run us, or do we want to live in a world where we can get out and enjoy the things we love to do without running out of breath or being hurt?

Rapid Body Sculpting is more a mindset than a fitness regime. In this blog I will attempt to relay the 5 most important factors of being fit and healthy: cardiovascular training; resistance and flexibility training; sleep; nutrition and diet; and, the psychology of it (i.e. is it fun?). Please don't hesitate to post and questions or ideas you have. In the future, look for exercise ideas and programs, meal planning solutions, and other tidbits that have helped my clients and I achieve fitness success!

Thank you!



  1. I am one of Michele's friends from Utah. The things that she has gone through and her success is AMAZING to me. I am SO proud of her. I am eager to read your blog and learn some of the 'secrets' that helped her!